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TUW Polski Zakład Ubezpieczeń Wzajemnych

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Mutual insurance – more shared benefits  

TUW Polski Zakład Ubezpieczeń Wzajemnych has been operating on the Polish insurance market since 2015. Its model of operation is rooted in modern insurance activity whose origins stem from the idea of mutuality. The first mutual contracts appeared in Poland in the 16th century. TUW PZUW is cultivating these traditions as its operations are based on the pillars of mutuality, i.e.:

  • policyholders simultaneously become members of the mutual insurance company
  • members of a mutual benefit society mutually share insurance risk. 

The mission of TUW PZUW is to provide optimal products and solutions for every risk, set standards on the mutual insurance market, spread the idea of mutual insurance and help it regain its prominence in Poland. 
It specializes in property, third party liability, health and motor insurance. TUW PZUW’s offer focuses on businesses, health care units, local governments and church institutions. Its insurance plans are aligned to the nature and magnitude of conducted operations, meaning that the process of submitting proposals is faster and insurance contracts are concluded on terms and conditions that are favorable to members. The financial security of TUW PZUW is backed by the PZU Group’s strong capital position and credibility and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority’s comprehensive supervision. The strong position held by TUW PZUW has been affirmed by S&P Global Ratings, which has renewed its financial strength rating of A- and raised its ratings outlook from stable to positive.