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Enea Operator Sp. z o.o.

Tytuł zastępczy

We are one of the four largest electricity Distribution System Operators operating in the north-west of Poland. The headquarters of the Company is located in Poznań.

We are responsible for the energy security of our customers. Every year, we provide almost 20 million MWh of electricity to almost 2.6 mln Clients in the area of over 58 000  km2.

We influence the development of our region throught to modern solutions.
• We are the Operator with the greatest potential for connecting new Customers.
• We use the most modern monitoring systems for our power grid.
• We are constantly developing, ensuring the security and continuity of electricity supplies.
• We modernize and restore existing assets.
• We participate in the development of micro-installations.
• We plan long-term and effectively.

In our work, we are guided by the following values:

HONESTY - understood not only as acting in accordance with the law and internal procedures, but also as telling the truth, keeping your word, treating others fairly and with respect.
COMPETENCE - means the willingness to share knowledge, improve qualifications, but also enable employees to gain new experiences.
RESPONSIBILITY - understood as keeping declarations of adequate quality, timeliness and reliability of energy supplies and services, but also the fulfillment of employee duties and obligations resulting from social contracts.
SAFETY - means taking preventive and remedial actions to ensure a safe working environment and protect the natural environment.
We are a responsible partner in the innovative economy of the region and the country, using modern solutions for safe electricity supply.