Polacy Zmieniają Świat


Poles live and work in the remotest points of the world map. Every day they deepen their knowledge, gain valuable experience and implement innovative projects. 
They change the world - but they do do it in dispersion and isolation. 

We want to accumulate this potential in one space, because that is the only way we can achieve our desired goal. Let us change the world for the better together!

  • We support the scientific community and worthy innovations. 
  • We promote Polish science and innovation nationwide and abroad. 
  • We are building a business ecosystem, a network of contacts to create a Polish scientific and business community around the world.
  • We make Poland’s economy stronger by creating the impact.

We believe that the most innovative solutions are created through cooperation in various industries and fields. Therefore, we extend our invitation to science and business enthusiasts who want to contribute to the development of Polish innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

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