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Mission statement and objective

Mission statement and objective of the Project Poles Change the World

All over the world there live and work people of Polish descent, our compatriots - engineers, scientists and inventors. In Poland, their achievements either pass completely unnoticed or at least grossly underestimated. Despite the distance and time, many of them feel a strong attachment to their home country. Like all of us, they care much about Poland's economic security.  Therefore, we have set ourselves an primary objective to promote Polish scientists residing abroad, present them with an opportunity to establish relations with Polish companies in Poland, and allow them to add to the potential of each party involved. Secondly, we strive to enable Poland's economy to seek and implement innovations from all over the world. This is our main objective and the mission of the Project. A tool to achieve these goals is our Internet platform, which allows all the parties to establish mutual, R&D&I relations in a simple and effective way.

Specific objectives of the Project Poles Change the World:
- Acquiring research and development offers for Polish businesses.
- Brokering proposals for new areas of research and development cooperation for Polish companies and research centers.
- Facilitation of professional and business contacts between Polish scientists working abroad and Polish companies operating in Poland.
- Promoting the recognition of the contributions by Polish scientists and entrepreneurs to the development of global science and economy. - Recognition of crucial achievements of Polish scientists abroad, in particular the commemoration and promotion of important scientific and research achievements unknown in the country through the preparation and publication of their biographies.

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