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Are you an affiliated researcher? Are doing your own research?
Are you interested in cooperation with Polish companies in various industries and sectors? - join the Service "Poles Change the World"!
Our Service is an invitation to Poles and people of Polish origin living and working abroad who want to contribute to further development of science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in Poland. We are looking for engineers, biotechnologists, IT specialists, lawyers; specialists in strategy, management, investments; economists and experts in the financial market and all those who have competences useful in constructing a knowledge and values-based Poland’s economy. 
The coordinator of the project is the Economic Security of Poland Foundation. It is responsible for contacts with persons and entities interested in cooperation within in the framework of the project Poles Change the World.
The Project Coordinator is Fundacja BGP for Poland's Economic Safety. The Foundation is responsible for contacting people and organizations that show interest in cooperating in the Project Poles Change the World.


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